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Question: plum

I have a black plum tree that does not manage to make a beautiful flowering and to carry on the few rooted fruits.
despite this, it has beautiful vegetation

Answer: plum

Dear Massimo,
the reasons why a plant produces few flowers and cannot bring the fruits to term are some. For example, it could simply be the age of your plant, some varieties take a few years (even up to 6E6) before they can produce a considerable harvest. In addition to this, perhaps the plum plant is not well exposed to direct sunlight, and therefore tends to bloom little and vegetate badly. It could also be a problem due to the soil: if you cultivate a plum in very compact soil, it cannot develop its roots well; on the other hand, if the soil is excessively heavy and always damp, it may happen that the plant does not manage to vegetate properly, especially if the humidity is constantly very high. Another problem could be the scarcity of mineral salts in the soil, and therefore your bush simply needs a good fertilization, to be carried out in autumn and in late winter.
It could also be excessive pruning, or lack of watering: it sometimes happens that spring is very dry, and that therefore the lack of watering occurs precisely when the plant flowers and at the time of fruit setting.