Application of the preparation Bi 58 against potato moth and other pests

Application of the preparation Bi 58 against potato moth and other pests

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New preparation Bi 58 - doing great with potato moth and other types of insects, including mites.

Protects many types of cultivated plants and has a number of positive properties:

  • protects pears, potatoes, grapes, barley, alfalfa, oats, rye, wheat and other plants from many pests;
  • acts for a long time (2-3 weeks);
  • does not affect the growth and development of plants;
  • goes well with fungicides and fertilizers. Do not combine the product with alkaline solutions;
  • can be combined with tank mixes containing pyrethroids;
  • due to the low consumption of the drug, they manage to process a large area of ​​the suburban area.

What is produced?

It is produced in plastic containers with a volume of 1 l, 5 l and 10 l, as well as glass ampoules of 10 ml. Represents concentrated emulsion.

Chemical composition

The main active ingredient is dimethoate, the amount of which is 400 g per 1 liter of the product. Poison Bi 58 refers to phosphoric acid esters.

Mode of action

Getting on separate parts of the plant, insecticide Bi 58 absorbed into the whole culture completelythus protecting even newly growing shoots.

Potato moth and other pests, feeding on the juice of the treated leaves, are exposed to the drug through the skin and die in a few hours.

Duration of action

The maximum action time of the pesticide Bi 58 is 16 days, after which it completely disintegrates in the ground and is removed from the plant.

Compatibility with other drugs

Permitted combine this agent with other chemical compounds aimed at destroying fungal infections on plants. We talked about some of the best drugs for potato moths here, and in this article you can read about other popular and effective means of fighting this pest.

Do not combine with preparations containing alkali.

When to apply?

To get rid of potato moths, plants are treated directly during their growth and development with the first signs of the appearance of this pest on them.

Help: Most Effective temperature for spraying is 20-25 degrees Celsius.

How to breed?

The consumption rate of the working fluid is from 0.5 to 3.0 l / ha, depending on the crop and the type of pest. One 5 ml ampoule is diluted in five liters of water.

Recommended consumption rates for the Bi 58 device:

CultureConsumption rate of the drug,
l / ha
Harmful objectMethod and time of processingWaiting period

(frequency of treatments)

Wheat1 — 1,5Drunkards,

cereal flies, harmful bug

aphid bug,


Spraying is done during the growing season30 (2)
Rye, barley1,0 — 1,2Cereal flies, drunken thrips, aphidsSpraying is carried out during the growing season30 (2)
Oats0,7 — 1,2Grain flies, drunks

Aphids, thrips

Spray during the growing season30 (2)
Grains and legumes0,5 — 1,0Moths, aphids, pea mothSpraying is carried out during the growing season30 (2)
Sugar beet0,5 — 1,0Leaf aphids, fleas, bugs, dead eaters,

passing flies and moths

Spray during the growing season30 (2)
Table beet (sugar)0,5 — 0,8Aphids, bedbugs, fleas, passing flies and mothsStart spraying during the growing season of the crop30 (2)
Apple tree,
0,8 — 2,0Scabbard and pseudo-scale insects, moths, mites, leaf rollers, garden weevils, moths, leaf beetles, leaf-eating pests, caterpillarsSpraying is carried out before and after flowering40 (2)
Plum1,2 — 2,0Aphids, ticks,


Before and after flowering, spraying is performed40 (2)
Vineyards1,2 — 3,0Woodworm, mites, leafwormsSpraying begins during the growing season30 (2)
Vegetable (seed crops)0,5 — 0,9Aphids, ticks, thrips, bugsSpraying during the growing season
(seed crops)
1,5 — 2,5Potato moth, aphidSpray during the growing season20
Alfalfa (seed crops)0,5 — 1,0Bed bugs, aphids,


alfalfa, mites

Spraying occurs during the growing season30 (2)
Hop1,5 — 6,0Scoops, aphids,

meadow moth

Spraying occurs during the growing season30
Tobacco0,8 — 1,0Aphids and thripsSpraying during the growing season30
Raspberry (mother liquor)0,6 — 1,2Galicia, ticks, aphids, cicadasSpray during the growing season
Currant (nurseries, mother plants)1,2 — 1,6Gall midges, aphids, leafwormsSpraying during the growing season
Mulberry2,0 — 3,0Scale, ticks,


Sprays before and after feeding the silkworm

Mode of application

The prepared solution is carefully poured into a sprayer or prepared directly in it.

It is necessary to use it immediately after breeding.

The drug is evenly sprayed onto the affected leaves of the plant.


Insecticide Bi 58 has 3 class of toxicity.

A person is allowed to eat vegetables and fruits a month later from the moment of treatment with Bi 58.

We also offer you to familiarize yourself with such effective remedies for potato moths: Rogor-S, Ditox, Danadim, Di 68.

What is the effect of Bi 58 on a person: is poisoning possible? Adhering to all recommendations, the drug not dangerous for the human body. Also, this drug has low toxicity for fish and does not pose any danger to bees.

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